Lucky 8 Star Quest Inc. is a company domiciled in the Philippines that develops, maintains, and operates an e-Sabong betting platform. Its primary purpose is to engage in the gaming and entertainment business, whether local or foreign. It is an independent software provider, delivering end-to-end betting and open gaming platforms and professional services to both the online and land-based gaming sectors. It offers bookmakers business solutions that includes essential content such data, odds, statistics and video streams to marketing and management services. It develops value-driven technology solutions that simplify various gaming applications whether as an operator, vendor or regulator. Gaming sectors of focus includes e-lottery, sports booking and online casino.

Lucky 8 is popularly known for e-sabong. Its current system facilitates the live streaming and/or broadcasting of cockfight feeds through the internet from a Local Government Unit (LGU)-licensed cockpit arena. The matches are broadcast to allow patrons to wager on the outcome of each fight, match, or event through a remote device, which is typically an internet-enabled gadget, or an off-site betting station.

E-Sabong is the digital iteration of an ancient Filipino tradition of cockfighting. The traditional Sabong involves placing two roosters or cocks in an arena and betting on which between the two emerges victorious. E-Sabong can be considered the attempt of the cockfighting industry to migrate to the digital economy, a move accelerated by COVID-19. The e-Sabong sector is backed by an ecosystem of industries and sectors. Complementary industries include farms and breeders, poultry stores, cockpits, the gamefowl health industry, and the gamefowl feeds and milling sector.


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